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Currently I have most of the fittings for the wings made. The spars have been purchased but the holes for the various fittings aren't drilled. I have purchased one pair of wing ribs with one pictured above. I will be making my own wing ribs but all the details are not shown on the plans, so I needed something to take some measurements from. I would have been disappointed with the quality of the ribs if I had purchased a complete set. I will be making 4 aluminum form blocks, 2 for the left and right ribs and 2 for the left and right aileron ribs.

The airfoil used is a modified Gottingen 387. As near as I can tell, the modification is making the bottom side of the airfoil flat. I got the coordinates for the airfoil from a book at the Wichita State University Library. I used the coordinates to draw the airfoil full scale in Unigraphics, the CAD system we use at work. I plotted the airfoil full size and used the ribs I purchased laid on top of the plot to tweak my airfoil drawing to a close match.

I have a solid model of the form blocks drawn in Unigraphics and I will be machining the form blocks on my CNC equipment. The rib flat patterns will be cut on my CNC router. The material I will be using is 2024-O. The ribs will be heat treated to the T42 condition.

I am working on an article detailing the processes I have described above. It should be finished in the next week or so. You can also take a look at the equipment used by following the link below.

Precision Sheetmetal Fabrication

Shop Equipment

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