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This is a mock up of my engine. It will be a cut case version because I want to use a mag driven off the back of the crank. It has a 78 mm stroke and 94 mm bore and will have a 1083 cc displacement. I have purchased plans from Hummel, McGill, Millholland and Pops Props. I will end up using ideas from each of these plus a few of my own. I also purchased an assembly manual from Great Planes and another by Rex Taylor off ebay. I am using all new parts because VW parts are relatively inexpensive and I am very interested in reliability. I will try to document as many of my experiences here as possible.
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{short description of image} The engine case is a new magnesium case made in Brazil. It is an AS-41 casting. I purchased it stock and I am doing all the modifications myself. You can follow along with the progress here. Engine Case
{short description of image} This is my 78mm Scat crank after cutting in half. You can also see the taper on the nose for the prop hub. Check out the modifications here. Crankshaft
{short description of image} These are Scat cylinder heads I purchased on a complete VW aircraft engine. They were already machined for 94mm cylinders and for dual ignition. I probably won't have dual ignition and will plug the extra holes. These heads have 40 mm intake valves and 35 mm exhaust valves which should work good for this application. Cut heads probably work as good as these but they don't look as cool.
{short description of image} I am using 94 mm cylinders because I was told that 92 mm cylinders have thin walls and distort when they warm up. The bores for the 94 mm cylinders get very close to the case savers and I'm told the case might crack because the bores are so large. You makes your choices and you takes your chances. Give me more power! The cylinders were made by Mahle and the pistons are coated with graphite.
{short description of image} This is a Scat C20 camshaft with Mahle lifters. I purchased them both directly from Scat so I guess they work together all right. The Scat guy recommended this grind and I have heard it recommend by some other aircraft engine guys so it should work pretty good. The guys at Scat are very knowledgable and their parts are very high quality.
{short description of image} Scat I-beam connecting rods are pictured here. They come from the factory clearanced for a stroker crank and are forged 4340 steel. Nice!
{short description of image} This is the prop hub I am using for this engine. It is a Force One from Great Plains. I haven't seen any other half VW's out there using this hub but it looks to me like the strongest thing out there for a direct drive VW. This is probably overkill but it came with my crank so I'm using it. My brother is also building an engine and he is using a hub from Millholland. It is very high quality and I would recommend it also.
{short description of image} This is the Slick mag I will be using. It is a model 4316. I purchased it on ebay. It is not quite new, it has one hour on it.
{short description of image} I want an oil filter so I purchased this oil filter adapter and the oil pump on the left from CB Performance. The adapter isn't quite aircraft quality so I will be trying something else. The oil pump on the right is the one I will be using because it is stock and it takes more power to drive a high volume pump.
{short description of image} These are the OEM bearings I purchased. Everyone's plans differ on the location of the thrust bearing. Some recommend installing two thrust bearings. The stock thrust bearing is too narrow to fit the stock center main bearing bore so something will have to be done. It will require some further study before I decide what to do. I'll update you later.
{short description of image} The beauty of using a VW engine for power in an airplane is that everything can be purchased new and you can get the parts at just about any auto parts store. This is some of the hardware and misc. parts and supplies needed to assemble an engine.

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