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      About Me
Paul at Oshkosh 2002

Here I am taking a break at Oshkosh, my favorite vacation spot. I am the president of Manufacturing Solutions Inc located at the Newton Airport in Newton, KS. We manufacture aircraft parts for the local aircraft industry as well as aircraft manufacturers across the country.

I have been interested in aircraft all my life. My father sparked my interest when I was a kid because of his love of aviation and our trips to Oshkosh. I spent some time in the Air Force and the Air National Guard and have spent most of the rest of my adult life making airplane parts. I am passing on my love of aviation to my 13 year old son the same as my father did for me.

I decided to do this site to help others who haven't had the benefit of 20 years in a machine shop cranking out airplane parts. I will try to pass on some of the tricks I have learned from others and some I have come up with myself. Some of the best tricks are also the easiest to pull off. When it comes right down to it though, you have to put in the time up front. You can't become an expert without the help of others who have done it before you. Study the books available for the construction methods you are attempting. Make friends with anyone you know who is building an airplane and pick their brain. Join the EAA and attend the local chapter meetings. Learn from others mistakes and try to minimize your own. Building a homebuilt airplane should be an enjoyable learning experience. I hope you enjoy my site.


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